Where to eat in Florence

According to the Food Republic guide we suggest 10 of best place where you can eat in Florence.

There are so many reasons to visit Florence: the art, the food, the leather goods. This beautiful Italian city is the birthplace of the Renaissance, as well as the capital of Italy’s fabled and oft-fantasized-about region of Tuscany. The Arno River flows through the city’s center, dividing the northern side, home to the historic center, from the southern Oltrarno quarter, a name that translates to “other side of the Arno.” While only about one tenth the size of Rome, Florence attracts up to the same number of visitors as the Eternal City — some 10 million annually — so when it comes to dining, the smaller confines can pose a challenge when trying to discern the diamonds in the tourist-trap rough.

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Ora d’Aria

Osteria Tripperia Il Magazzino

Trattoria da Burde

Fabio Picchi’s Mini Empire

 iO Osteria Personale

Ristorante Pane e Vino Enoteca

Le Volpi e L’Uva

Buca dell’Orafo

Winter Garden by Caino

Enoteca Pinchiorri