The Florentines call it ‘Diladdarno’, the area of ​​the city on the bank of the river opposite that containing the great museums admired by tourists from all over the world, such as the Duomo, the Uffizi and Piazza della Signoria.

The most popular tourist spots no longer need explanations and descriptions, but it is not the same for all the delights found on the other side of Florence, where the great guided tours don’t come, and the piazze are still even more unknown.

But if you are the kind of tourists who are not satisfied with the most famous places, but really want to experience the ‘real’ city, we suggest you follow the truest Florentine tracks.

A visit to the Oltrarno is therefore a must, after a walk through the San Frediano and Santo Spirito areas, between the market stalls, the artisans’ shops, the gardens, the churches and the authentic atmosphere.

If you don’t go for a walk in the “Diladdarno” you cannot say that you really know Florence, not in the sense of not having seen the most interesting and famous attractions, but not having had a chance to understand the spirit of the city.

So, which are the most interesting places to visit in the Oltrarno?

  1. From Piazza Santa Trinita to the Ponte alla Carraia bridge. Cross the Arno looking at it from a different point of view.
  2. From the Ponte alla Carraia bridge to Porta San Frediano. Discover the oldest parts of Florence, with its artisan shops, food shops, bakeries and wineries, small trattorias and the historic Trippaio cloister in Piazza dei Nerli.
  3. From Piazza San Frediano to Piazza Santo Spirito. Discover the coolest and most original places in Florence.

At the end of the walk you will see the large Palazzo Pitti square, from which you can return to the right bank of Florence or continue to wander the streets of San Frediano.

The La Fonderia B&B Firenze is located at the centre of San Frediano, where you can also still breathe the same authenticity that can be felt in the hamlets of the ‘diladdarno’.

If you want to live an authentic and unconventional experience, stay in San Frediano, at La Fonderia B&B.



Spring holidays are often an excellent opportunity to organize a nice weekend away with friends, an ideal way to get away from it all and visit a beautiful artistic city.

Florence offers possibilities for all tastes, both for those who love to have fun, and for those who love to visit the yet unknown places of this famous historical city.

San Frediano, an ancient village situated beside the River Arno, contains numerous roads not yet ‘trod’ by most tourists.

  1. Shopping: After having looked at the biggest fashion stores in the world, which populate the streets of central Florence, you can go and visit the quaint craft shops that are located beside the River Arno. Here you will find some of the oldest artisan shops, many clothes, vintage and leather goods shops.
  2. A Relaxing Walk: If you want to spend your day relaxing, the Oltrarno streets are perfect. You can enjoy one of the best ice creams in Florence, crossing the Ponte alla Carraia, one of the many bridges that cross the Arno.
    La Gelateria Carraia is in fact renowned for its delicious ice cream.
    If you want to continue your relaxing day, and time does permit it, a walk inside the Boboli Gardens is a must.
  3. Fun: If you organize a weekend away with friends, we know that some fun together can’t be missed, that’s why San Frediano’s bars will be perfect for your evenings.
    Both in winter and in the warmer months, you will be spoiled for choice. The streets of San Frediano are populated with a variety of bars, where you can eat and drink something in a magical atmosphere.  Click here for a selection of places to try!
  4. Where to stay: As for a place to stay, the La Fonderia B&B Firenze is an ideal place in Florence for you and your friends. The B&B is located just outside the traffic limited area of ​​the city, so you can get there comfortably by car, but at the same time it is an area well served by public transport, so you can also reach it by train.
    The rooms of the B&B are very spacious and equipped with every service, plus there is a common room where you can enjoy your breakfast or restful moments. The newest highlight of the B&B is its private garden, which all guests can access, to relax or spend time in total tranquillity.

Florence Rocks 2018: all you need to know.

After last year’s success, Florence Rocks is back with leading international names such as Guns N ‘Roses, Foo Fighters, Iron Maiden and Ozzy Osbourne.

Florence Rocks 2018 brings to the stage of the Ippodromo Visarno great names from the music world, giving enormous pleasure to many fans.


As announced, the festival will be held from Thursday 14th to Sunday 17th June at the Visarno Arena in Cascine Park.


The four days of music will open on Thursday 14th with the Foo Fighter’s only Italian date, followed by Guns N’Roses with another exclusive date, returning to Italy after spending last summer in Imola in front of 8,000 fans.

Saturday will be Iron Maiden’s turn, who will be on their last world tour, and for the final night, Ozzy Osburne has decided to choose the stage at Visarno Arena to say goodbye to his fans.


TicketOne and TicketMaster sites will gradually have tickets available for Florence Rocks’ 2018 concerts .

The La Fonderia B&B is the perfect point to get to Visarno Arena for the concerts.

The B&B is located just outside the historic centre and outside the restricted traffic area, so you can have all the ease of getting to Florence by car, but not be overwhelmed by the chaos of the city ​​centre.

The centre of Florence can be reached comfortably on foot or by bicycle in just ten minutes.

Book a room and prepare to experience the magic of Rocks.

A Shopping Holiday in Florence, how wonderful!       

After visiting the museums, admiring the many works of art and unique world architecture, after eating a beautiful Fiorentina steak, the next step is to go shopping in the streets of Florence.

Florence is a city of art, but it is also the cradle of an ancient tradition full of skilled local artisans, great luxury brands, and is therefore one of the top shopping destinations.

There are not only big brands and shops, but also small artisan workshops, leather goods shops, outdoor markets and vintage and antique stores.

The shopping streets.

If you want to take a tour of Florence’s luxury stores, the places you must go to on your tour are Via Tornabuoni which houses both beautiful residences and the imposing palaces of noble Florentine families, to which today Gucci, Prada, Pucci stores have been added, to name just a few.

Other important shopping streets are Via della Vigna Nuova and Via del Parione where you will find local specialty shops, ateliers and artisan shops, also Via Roma where you can find the beautiful Luisa Via Roma shop.


Those looking for somewhat more commercial shopping, can head to Via dei Banchi and Via de’Cerretani, which connect Santa Maria Novella Station to the Duomo, and also Via dei Calzaiuoli, which goes as far as Piazza della Signoria.

Those looking for a luxury gift can browse through the old goldsmith shops on Ponte Vecchio.

Another shopping nerve centre, which is also a little cheaper, is the San Lorenzo Market, with its stalls selling leather goods and many other garments. Piazza San Lorenzo also has a covered market where today you can find a vast selection of local products, and dine with authentic Tuscan cuisine.

Finally, Florence is famous for its antique and vintage shops, in Via De ‘Fossi and in Via Maggio, there are many bargains to be had.

All the furnishings found in the La Fonderia B&B’s rooms come from antique markets and modern-day shops located in the small streets of Florence.

La Fonderia B&B is waiting for you to discover all the secret corners of Florence and will be happy to point you towards all the best shops or markets, and help you live a real holiday, including a lot of shopping and no disappointments!

What to do in Florence for Christmas and New Year. Five unmissable ideas!

December is approaching fast and Christmas parties are at the door, so it’s time to respond to the dreaded question “What do I do on Christmas and New Year?”

To help you, we want to give you five unmissable ideas to celebrate Christmas and New Year in Florence, which offers a wealth of activities, events and parties that will really spoil you for choice.

In December, Florence changes its appearance, dresses up for a party and is dressed in the very best way; lights, glittering shop windows and Christmas trees in the piazzas. In the streets of Florence, there’s an ever expanding magical, warm and inclusive atmosphere.

  • We therefore suggest you take some time to simply go for a walk in the streets, maybe buy some Christmas presents in one of the many craft shops, and while you walk around, take a carton of roasted chestnuts (‘bruciate’ in Florentine) from one of the many vendors with their stoves that spread the smell of chestnuts in the streets in the centre.


  • If you visit Florence during Christmas time don’t neglect going to the Christmas markets in Piazza Santa Croce, called Weihnachtsmarkt, which are exactly the same as those in the northern cities. Piazza Santa Croce is filled with wooden chalets selling handicrafts and food and wine products from Germany, Austria and Hungary.


  • If you are a sportsman, and even at Christmas don’t want to neglect a bit of movement, then you must take advantage of the Winter Park that is set up in the ObiHall theatre park.
    Here you will find the largest ice skating rink in Tuscany and the Snowtubing trail (a sloping ice-skating rink on which dinghies slide), unique in Italy. In short, a fun Christmas!

During New Year’s Eve, however, one is really embarrassed for choice, there are so many opportunities in Florence for all tastes and all ages …

  • If you also want to live the city during the longest night of the year, you must spend your New Year’s Eve ‘in piazza’. There are plenty of piazzas in the city that adhere to this initiative and in each one you will find different concerts and events. You can choose one and spend your entire night there, or move around and go from a rock concert to a Gospel show.


  • If you prefer to spend your new year inside, there are many choices. You can choose between a theatre or a disco for a livelier night.
    The musical ‘Grease’ will be at Teatro Verdi, alternatively at the Maggio Musicale Fiorentino you can see an end of year concert. On the other hand, for a night out in the disco, you will be spoiled for choice. All the Florence discos will organize a New Year’s Eve party, so you can choose the one best suited to you.


One thing is for sure, that whatever you do for Christmas and New Year in Florence, the best solution is to stay at La Fonderia B&B. A short walk from the centre, in Borgo San Frediano, out of the chaos of the city, but still a few minutes from all the major tourist attractions.

It also has a small private garden that you can use to relax after the big holiday days.

La Fonderia B&B is waiting for you to experience a unique and unconventional Florence.




Allow us to tell you about the Eroica: cycling from the 1970s that has resurfaced in Tuscany between Florence and Siena.

The Eroica is a taste of working men’s cycling from the Seventies. It’s like waking up with the clock turned back 50 years. You look around and see woollen jerseys with hand-embroidered numbers and steel bicycles, made by real Italian craftsmen, with the wires of the brakes on the outside and the gear change to turn.

This is the Eroica which took place this year on October 1st and involved over 7,000 cyclists.

Welcome to Gaiole in Chianti, in the heart of the Sienese hills, between Florence and Siena.

Seeing this historic cycle ride is a feast for the eyes and minds hungry for history and for the past.

The precision and amount of detail in the authentic clothing is enormous, the strictly vintage bicycles are works of art with wheels.

At 5.30am, amidst the early light of morning, the first cyclists set off and a colourful group of bicycles invades the small streets of Chianti. Each one has their own course, the shortest 46 km or 75 km, going up bit by bit to 209 km.

It’s hard to try to explain what it’s like to see such an event, so we recommend to those who are in Florence in early October, to spend a few hours observing this wonder, which cannot just be called race, but a “race in the midst of history“.

The staff at La Fonderia B&B will be pleased to explain and advise you on the best way to see the Eroica and enjoy this cycling tourist spectacle with vintage bicycles, through the white streets of Chianti, where you can admire beautiful views of towns and hills.

For all cyclists and bicycle lovers who get to Florence on two wheelsLa Fonderia offers a dedicated and free garage for bicycles, along with basic maintenance tools.

La Fonderia is in Borgo San Frediano, in the heart of Oltrarno.

We look forward to introducing you to a unique and unconventional Florence.

5 good reasons to visit Oltrarno in Florence: the coolest neighbourhood in the world.

Florence is one of the most popular destinations for tourists, who come from the most distant parts of the planet to visit the most beautiful and prestigious artworks, churches, sculptures and monuments in the world.

Some tourist destinations in Florence’s historic centre are well known and sought after, but there are many other hidden and less crowded corners which deserve a visit just as much.

One of the most curious and interesting parts of Florence, is in fact Oltrarno, which extends along the evocative course of the Arno River.

So, I would like to give you five good reasons to visit Oltrarno:

  1. Visit the coolest neighbourhood in the world.

The first reason to visit is Borgo San Frediano, which Lonely Planet called the coolest neighbourhood in the world.

Maybe you’d also be interested in reading ” Borgo San Frediano, the coolest neigbourhood in the world, says lonely planet.

In the article you will find the reasons why Borgo San Frediano has managed to win this important label, competing with international cities such as New York and Lisbon. Its dark streets, filled with old craft shops, the almost family climate that one breathes in the piazzas, distinguish it from the classic tourist spots in the centre of Florence.

  1. A historic visit to Palazzo Pitti.

Although this is a more familiar location, it certainly must not be missed during a visitor’s trip to the banks of the Arno. This huge palace is one of the greatest examples of architecture in Florence. The palace was originally built by the Pitti family in 1457, based on Filippo Brunelleschi’s design.

Today Palazzo Pitti hosts some of the most important museums in Florence: on the first floor is the Galleria Palatina which has a large collection of paintings, and the Royal Apartments with period furnishings dating back to the nineteenth century. On the ground floor and mezzanine is the Argenti Museum, which brings together the Medici’s huge collection of precious objects. The Gallery of Modern Art is on the top floor. In the Palazzina del Cavaliere, detached from the palace and immersed in the Giardino di Boboli, is the Porcellane Museum, while the Palazzina della Meridiana houses the Museum of Fashion and Costume (known as the Costume Gallery), which includes fashion clothes and artifacts, tracing the history of the last 300 years.

  1. The most beautiful gardens in Florence.

Around the banks of the Arno in Florence, one can find the most beautiful gardens in the city, and you will really be spoiled for choice.

Starting from Giardino di Boboli, the most famous park behind Palazzo Pitti, which has always been the lordly Florentine park, with its avenues that were the Medicean model for gardens throughout Europe. Impressive, romantic, classic. Boboli is the Garden of Excellence.

The Giardino delle Rose is a pleasure for the eyes and for all the senses, if you can go during the flowering of the infinite varieties of roses that it hosts. It’s absolutely the best place to meditate on the beauty of spring and feel languid and romantic, surrounded by Folon’s artworks.

Finally, the Giardino Torrigiani, where a booking is required, but it’s definitely worth it.

In the centre of the park stands an evocative neo-Gothic tower, at the top of which there is a small observatory from which it is possible to admire and study the constellations.


  1. The nightlife that brings Oltrarno to life.

La Movida, which can be found in the part of Florence on the banks of the Arno, is definitely a good place to visit. There are so many bars and restaurants to be found in the Oltrarno area.

Here “What to see in Borgo San Frediano” we have compiled a list of restaurants, pubs and wine bars to try in Borgo San Frediano.

Here you will not just find famous starred restaurants, but you will be able to enjoy true traditional Florentine food at some inns, or eat special foods in newly-opened restaurants. Without a doubt, you will be able to live an authentic experience.

  1. Stay at La Fonderia B&B, Florence.

The last reason to come to visit the Oltrano area of Florence is to stay at La Fonderia Bed and Breakfast. Here you will find welcoming rooms, furnished to the smallest details in a 1950s style, taken from markets and antique shops.

You can spend an afternoon in the Bed and Breakfast’s private garden, enclosed within its walls and carefully maintained. The property also has a covered garage for bicycles and a small mechanics shop for any possible needs.

If you decide to stay at the La Fonderia B&B, you will have decided to have a unique experience, to experience a new lifestyle and to enjoy a curious and unconventional Florence.

La Fonderia B&B in Florence: “A Beautiful room in a beautiful city”

We’re happy that the La Fonderia B&B Firenze has been described as “a beautiful room in a beautiful city”, and it fills us with even more pride than this was spontaneously written by one of our customers.

La Fonderia B&B: a beautiful room in a beautiful city…

All our guest’s reviews fill us with joy and satisfaction because they appreciate the philosophy and care behind every little detail of La Fonderia.

Every day we wake up wearing a smile, looking forward to welcoming a new family or a couple of travellers ready to discover the magnificent city that hosts us, Florence and Oltrarno.

A heartfelt ‘thank you’ to our guests for making us proud of our La Fonderia B&B.


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A Holiday at La Fonderia B&B in Florence along with aperitifs and special places on the Lungarno

What to do in Florence: The Magic of Lungarni Fiorentini

In Florence there is a place where you can spend evenings having a good drink in good company, or relaxing strolling along the Arno, a magical, special place, where all this is possible and where the La Fonderia B&B in Florence is also located.

Everything takes place along the Arno river, along the so-called “Lungarni Fiorentini”

We’ve collated a list of bars, restaurants and places for you that fit in perfectly with your late summer evenings!

In the Piazza Poggi, along the Arno you will find Easy Living,with its kiosks and seating, where you can entertain yourself by admiring in the distance, but not too far away, Ponte Vecchio and the historic centre.

Just below, on the shore of Arno is a beach equipped with sun loungers and umbrellas for free rental, to enjoy a few hours of relaxation and sunshine, without leaving Florence.

Refreshments are a limited menu, but are high quality dishes with delicious appetizers, from salads to first and second courses. Don’t miss out on the pizza. Open from 10am to 1am in the morning.

On the other side of the Arno there is no shortage of options, since there are three open summer spaces.

On Lungarno Pecori Giraldi the Fiorino sull’Arno is hosted, with various evening events, from music to theatre. Here you can enjoy aperitifs and dinner (the latter from the 8pm onwards), with various culinary specialties, including pizza.

In La Toraia  summer space on Lungarno del Tempio, there is a small gourmet space where you can enjoy good street food: burgers prepared by La Toraia, fried seafood and other seafood specialties by Pescepane, Panino Tondo pastrami and Carapina Ice Cream.
Open from 12am to midnight.

Molo5 is this year’s new feature on Lungarno Colombo. Here there are four types of street food: paninis with lampredotto, japanese, organic pizza and octopus dishes from the island of Elba. Open every day from 12pm onwards.

Lungarno is a truly unique place to visit in Florence where all year round you can admire the lights of the bars and restaurants that are reflected in the water, and enjoy the light breeze rising from the river.

La Fonderia B&B in Florence is located in Lungarni, which is overlooked by some of the windows of the rooms.

Book your room in La Fonderia now, one of the few Bed and Breakfasts in the centre of Florence with a private garden where you can spend special moments.


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