The Florentines call it ‘Diladdarno’, the area of ​​the city on the bank of the river opposite that containing the great museums admired by tourists from all over the world, such as the Duomo, the Uffizi and Piazza della Signoria.

The most popular tourist spots no longer need explanations and descriptions, but it is not the same for all the delights found on the other side of Florence, where the great guided tours don’t come, and the piazze are still even more unknown.

But if you are the kind of tourists who are not satisfied with the most famous places, but really want to experience the ‘real’ city, we suggest you follow the truest Florentine tracks.

A visit to the Oltrarno is therefore a must, after a walk through the San Frediano and Santo Spirito areas, between the market stalls, the artisans’ shops, the gardens, the churches and the authentic atmosphere.

If you don’t go for a walk in the “Diladdarno” you cannot say that you really know Florence, not in the sense of not having seen the most interesting and famous attractions, but not having had a chance to understand the spirit of the city.

So, which are the most interesting places to visit in the Oltrarno?

  1. From Piazza Santa Trinita to the Ponte alla Carraia bridge. Cross the Arno looking at it from a different point of view.
  2. From the Ponte alla Carraia bridge to Porta San Frediano. Discover the oldest parts of Florence, with its artisan shops, food shops, bakeries and wineries, small trattorias and the historic Trippaio cloister in Piazza dei Nerli.
  3. From Piazza San Frediano to Piazza Santo Spirito. Discover the coolest and most original places in Florence.

At the end of the walk you will see the large Palazzo Pitti square, from which you can return to the right bank of Florence or continue to wander the streets of San Frediano.

The La Fonderia B&B Firenze is located at the centre of San Frediano, where you can also still breathe the same authenticity that can be felt in the hamlets of the ‘diladdarno’.

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